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If your child is going to be absent from school please ring before 9.00am on the first day. You will be able to leave a message using option 1, stating name, class and brief reason for absence. When a child is absent and no call has been received, we will call you to find out why your child is not in school.

Please ring the absence line on 01279 868181, option 1

For information and guidance when your child is ill, please click on the Childhood Illnesses Information form below: 

Childhood Illnesses Information

Medical Appointments

Time off from school to attend medical appointments is of course allowed but we ask that non urgent appointments such as dentist, routine vaccinations, etc be made outside of school hours where possible. If your child has a hospital or specialist appointment please bring the letter to the school office where a copy can be placed on their file as proof of authorised absence. All collections during the school day are via the school office.

Other Absence 

Holidays during term time are unauthorised by the school. Hare Street Community Primary School & Nursery strictly adheres to Essex County Council’s Code of Conduct in taking children out of school during term time. Leave taken without permission of the Head Teacher will be recorded as unauthorised, and you may be liable to a Penalty Notice resulting in a £60 fine per child, per parent. (Rising to £120 if not paid within 28 days).

Essex Code of Conduct for Penalty Notices for Irregular School Attendance

Our Attendance Policy can be found here


Our school target is 97%

100% attendance is a full term with no lates, no leaving early and no medical appointments during school hours. (Documented hospital appointments are allowed). 

The Attendance officer will contact you if there are any concerns regarding your child’s attendance and certainly if your child’s attendance falls to 92%

Attendance really does matter and there is a link between good school attendance and high level attainment within children. Whatever the reason, the fact is if your child is absent from school they are missing out on learning time.

There are a fixed number of days in a school year, leaving 170 days to spend on family time, shopping, appointments and other things. Our aim is for all children to achieve 100% attendance.

We are engaging in a number of new initiatives to encourage improvement in our whole school attendance.