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Internet Safety Day

We had a fantastic day at Hare Street today learning all about staying safe online.

We had the '2 Johns' from  https://www.esafetytraining.org/ come in to deliver valuable information to our Key Stage 2 pupils and parents.

The children were very engaged throughout the day and produced some amazing work to showcase their understanding of keeping safe online.

Year 5 wrote an especially poignant letter to parents which is below.



  1. Do not react angrily- we sometimes do silly things, we are kids- maybe we’re trying to be cool or maybe it’s a simple mistake. I’m trying my best to be safe.
  2. Do not be angry with me- be angry with them. Please listen when I try to explain.
  3. Help me sort the problem but don’t take my phone (device) off me. Don’t stop my fun.
  4. Be proud that I’ve told you my problem. If I can’t tell you I will have to go to Childline.
  5. Keep me safe from bad people and make me feel better when I’m scared.

 A big thank you to the parents who came along.

One of our parents who attended the meeting commented:

I attended the E safety meeting today, I thought that it was amazing full of useful information tips and a massive eye opener to myself and other parents.

By far the best informative meeting I have attended and both my children and myself have benefited. Settings have been changed on all devices and a chat has taken place where all 3 of my children are aware and realise and understand the dangers.

Once again thank you for educating not only myself but my children too.