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Science Week - Thank you!

On behalf of Mr Whelan, we would like to offer our thanks to all the parents who were able to offer some of their time to make this year's Science Week so successful.

The school has been a hive of activity this week and it has been so nice to see so many members of our local community come in a be a part of what we are trying to achieve. 

From Chefs to Hairdressers, Cartographers to Audiologists and Midwives to Chemists (and everyone else who has popped in!), together we have been able to create lots of opportunities for children to learn, become inspired, have fun and experience how Science works around them. 

The focus for this year's Science Week was STEM careers. During the numerous discussions that have happened around the school this week it is very clear that our children have been inspired to consider careers that rely on the knowledge, skills and understanding they develop in STEM subjects.