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TTRockstars Maths Programme

8th February 2019

As part of our continuing commitment to offering children greater opportunities to improve their mathematics, we have subscribed to TTrockstars. This is computer game which supports the children in learning their tables. It can be accessed via a user name and password unique to each child.

TTrockstars is widely used by many schools and is a safe and secure programme. The programme allows children choose a ‘rockstar’ name and customise their own avatar. The more they use it the more ‘coins’ they earn to ‘buy’ things to improve their avatar from the shop.

Children can play individual games or against other children but they cannot communicate with each other so it is not a social media platform. The aim of the programme is to promote and improve their multiplication skills in a fun way.

All children from year 1 to 6 have been issued with a user name and password. TTrockstars can be accessed on all devices phone, tablet, ipad, computer etc.

Any questions please feel free to ask

Mr Abbott
Maths Co-ordinator